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Northcote City announces the following vacancies in our NPL Junior teams for 2015.

You can still join the Club with the best Youth Development record of 2014 – 11 players selected for Skilleroos, 1 NTC player, 5 players in Melbourne City FC Youth squad. Become part of it today!

We require:
Under 12, Born 2003 – 1 Goalkeeper, 1 Outfielder
Under 13, Born 2002 – 1 Goalkeeper, 4 Outfielders
Under 14, Born 2001 – 1 Goalkeeper
Under 15, Born 2000 – 1 Goalkeeper
Under 16, Born 1999 – 1 Goalkeeper, 4 Outfielders
Under 18, Born 1998/97 – None

Open trial sessions will be held on the following dates at the West End Grass Field, adjacent to John Cain Main Stadium, Thornbury.
Enter the Darebin International Sports Centre from Darebin Road, follow the road to the left and around the main stadium.

Monday 19 January
Under 12, 13 – 5:30-6:30pm
Under 15, 16 – 6:30-7:30pm

Wednesday 21 January
Under 12, 13 – 5:30-6:30pm
Under 15, 16 – 6:30-7:30pm



Nicholas Sette Selected for Victorian NTC 2015: Interview

Northcote City FC is proud to announce that Under 15 player Nicholas Sette has been selected for the Victorian NTC 2015.

Nicholas was a stand-out player in a fantastic team, coached by Andrew Kentepozidis and Peter Catsourakis. Andrew and Peter’s meticulous planning and commitment to developing every player in their squad shone throughout the season, and they will now look forward to coaching our Under 14 and Under 15 NPL teams respectively in 2015. Andrew will also take the lead on our Under 5-11 age groups as MiniRoos Director for 2015.

In celebration of a wonderful milestone for both player and coach, we sat down with Nicholas and Andrew to get the inside running on their time working together.

Northcote City: What is it about the environment at Northcote City that develops so many talented players?
Nicholas Sette: I believe that environment plays a big part in developing a player. At Northcote, the environment this year was extremely positive between coaches and players, which allowed the team to bond and trust each other.

Andrew Kentepozidis: When you have group of highly ambitious footballers and coaches, the sky is the limit. The club never stands still and is continuously improving, which creates such a positive environment. From the players to the coaches, we challenge each other every day and we all thrive off football development.

NC: At Northcote, we build upon our playing style with the playing characteristics of our players. How did you adapt the team’s play to get the best out of Nicholas?
AK: All our attacking play was based on the strengths of our players. At the beginning of the year Nicholas was excellent at cutting in on his right foot and striking for goal. So when the opportunity arose for Nicholas to do this, other players had a role creating space for him to be able to utilise this technical skill.

It was rewarding as a coach to see this work and equally rewarding when it didn’t, as Nicholas needed to find another solution to the problem. This would result in him trying different 1v1 techniques and adding these to his game. He is now comfortable in a variety of roles utilising many different technical skills.

How has the Northcote City playing style improved your game?
NS: The Northcote City playing style emphasised by Andrew, has developed me into a focused, fast and attack-minded player.

What stands out about working with Nicholas?
AK: His passion for the game. His passions helps him overcome any setbacks that comes his way, it helps him continuously want to develop himself and it makes him very easy to coach.

What stands out about working with Andrew?
NS: Andrew’s knowledge of the game, and the way he teaches it to the players, and explains certain moves has stood out to me.

Besides team training, what do you do during the week to improve your football, and what do you hope to achieve next season at the NTC?
NS: I keep myself organised, kick the ball every little chance I get and practice all parts of my game. I really hope that I continue to be at my best, to keep improving and take every chance that the NTC offers me.

And meet Cristiano Ronaldo!

Andrew, what do you hope to achieve individually and as part of the club in 2015?
AK: I was fortunate enough to have a terrific group of players for two years from Under 14 to Under 15. I am now starting the whole process again and starting with a new Under 14 group. They are a highly ambitious group like myself and have some exciting talent that I look forward to helping develop in 2015.

I have also been appointed MiniRoos Director to help build on the MiniRoos program and ensure a smooth transition for players into our NPL environemnt. We want players who stay at the club for 10+ years and the start of that process is our Under 5-8 Saturday morning program. The whole program has been very successful for the club and I look forward to helping it grow in the future.

Andrew and Nicholas holding the trophy after winning the 2014 Heritage Cup

Andrew and Nicholas holding the trophy after winning the 2014 Heritage Cup