Northcote City News: Schedule/Girls/U9-10/Registrations


The new schedule has been added with a few changes.¬†Please check it out and make sure that we’re all on the same page when it comes to training for the month of February.


The girls U12, U14, U16 all begin training tonight on the West End.

U9, U10

The young boys and girls return this week on Tuesday night and begin at 5:15 on the DISC Synthetics. All players are welcome to come and try out before teams are selected.


This program begins on Saturday morning between 9:00am and 10:00am and is conducted on the West End.


There has been a change of process with regards to registrations. As of 2013, FFV have made it compulsory that all players self-register.payday loans Basically, what this means is that the club registration form STILL APPLIES, however the FFV NRR03 form is now to be completed online. Self registration can be done at My Football Club.
We have got a PDF from the FFV that explains how to do this: (Download)


We’ve entered all of our boy junior teams into this tournament which begins on March 2nd and runs for 4 weeks. This will be a great way for teams to play games in a competitive environment throughout March.
That’s all for this week, we hope all players enjoy a great week of training.
Team Northcote