An Example Training Session

As our sport continues to evolve, it is imperative that those responsible for teaching the game work to the world’s best practices. Here at Northcote, we have a strong belief in the FFA Curriculum and the National Building Blocks, and will coach our players towards the aims stated in Our Mission. 

Many of our coaches are taking their coaching further by following Advanced Coaching Pathway: that is, to study football through the FFA C, B and A Licences. Having these coaches is imperative to creating a positive, progressive football environment capable of producing elite modern footballers. Please have a look at the PDF linked below, to see an example session, designed within the FFA Training Game framework.

Playing Out Through Central Areas

While sessions will differ between coaches and age groups, it is vital that each time the team steps onto the field, their coach works to address a specific part of the team’s game. This session aims to teach players how to play out through central areas of the pitch using 3 and 4 to find 6, 8 and 9.

The session moves through a series of progressions in specific areas of the pitch, providing the players with many repetitions of the problem in a match scenario. This session was completed last Wednesday 16 January with the Under 13B group, and the improvement was very notable in a 75 minute session. We believe in this method, and hope that our families will support this throughout 2013 and beyond.