U16s and 18s benefiting from sport science program

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The Northcote City U16 and U18 NPL boys have this season undergone a sport science program as part of a move towards professional fitness practices for the Juniors.

Elly Nozohour and Ollie Rosa joined the U16s and 18s respectively as they finish Masters Degrees in Sport Science Football Performance.

“Our main focus has been to make sure that players successfully meet the demands of this level of the game,” Nozohour said.

“We started by introducing preventative measures to reduce the risk of injury, recovery strategies, measure internal training load of players and strength and conditioning for players returning from injury.”

It is part of a broader move as clubs in the NPL looks to strengthen as a whole.

“The NPL is growing and that’s that plan. We are seeing it with a number of graduates with the knowledge to develop and implement a sport science program.”

“It’s been great to watch the boys develop both as footballers and human beings as they grow. It’s an interesting age and we have a lot of different characters. It’s been great to see them come together like family and the passion they have for the game as well as their improvement on the technical side of things.”


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